Insulation under floorboards in a Victorian house

Insulation under floor boards in Victorian house, Jackson Lofts, Brighton

Insulation under floorboards in Victorian house, Jackson Lofts, Brighton

Ground floor insulation under floorboards

Insulation isn’t just for lofts!

Living in a Victorian house with suspended wooden floorboards can cold and draughty. Damp air moves up through the floorboards making the room hard to heat.

My research also found that you can save money (click here) on our heating bills if you insulate. In 2013 I insulated inside of our external walls and have really noticed the difference, solving our condensation problem as well (see here).

Insulation under floor boards in Victorian house, Jackson Lofts, Brighton

Breathable membrane laid under floor boards for the insulation to sit in. Victorian house, Jackson Lofts, Brighton

There are lots of websites showing the process for example (see here). Its a great time to check under the floorboards for anything that could be damaging your building, e.g. piles of soil, rotten joists or even water leaks.

While the floor is up, it is also a great time to add in new sockets and electrics. Need an electrician contact Leon here.

Contact Richard for any advice and a free quote.

Condensation cured on our solid Victorian walls by insulating

Condensation (hot air from cooking and bathing onto cold walls) in the winter is a real problem, living with mouldy walls, clothes and furniture is not fun.  It’s uneconomic to have the heating on all day and so the outer solid walls never warm up. After lots of research we decided to warm up our problem walls by insulating them.

I fixed plasterboard with foam insulation attached directly to the walls and decorate. At 50mm thick it is the current building regulations standard, also increasing our properties energy rating. My wife also said it hides that nasty old plasterwork.

Now we have our furniture up close to the walls and no more mould. PLUS the rooms warm up quicker and we have been able to turn down the boiler temperature, by half.

It makes sense to insulate our house walls as we insulate our lofts.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with ask any questions.

Insulation inside our Victorian flat walls by Richard Jackson

Insulating inside of our Victorian flat to stop condensation

Airflow (another blog to come). We would also recommend heat recovery unit.