Replacement Velux | skylight | roof windows

Replacement Velux, skylight, roof windows by Jackson Lofts
Replacement Velux, skylight, roof windows by Jackson Lofts

Yes roof windows get old and will need replacing!

When they start to leak, they course annoyance and eventually damage to other parts of the property.

If the Velux needs replacing I can do this in a few hours and when it is convenient to you or your tenants.

A damp roof may also be something simple like a cracked or slipped tile.

Velux windows come with a 10 year guarantee. This is what they to say, click here.

Replacement Velux skylight roof windows in Brighton

A double Velux window replacement by Jackson Lofts in Brighton

Replace my roof windows installed by Jackson Loft Conversions

Replacement windows can be fitted in a couple of hours by Richard, Jackson Loft Conversion. See Velux for all shapes, sizes and prices.

For a FREE estimate please email me through this contact form to organise a suitable time for me to pop round.

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